We develop all our collections in our studio in Barcelona. Choosing the fabric, designing, patternmaking and developing the prototypes and samples, all it's done in our studio-atelier. 

From 2015 to date, we have been producing all of our garments locally, in the Barcelona area. We work with two family-run small factories: one that cuts and sews our woven garments, and the other who makes our knitwear.

To produce locally means working hand by hand with people we know and trust and means helping on the recovery of our local industry.    

A sustainable production delocalized and made in mass just doesn't exist. We run small productions and all our clothes are numbered. We like you to know how many of each garment we have produced. 



We know that all our choices leave an environmental footprint. We are committed to reduce this footprint as much as we can, prioritizing the use of deadstock fabrics, locally sourced and organic materials.

All our knitwear yarns are sourced in Italy and our suppliers count with all the certifications for organic and recycled content, as well as all certifications of good practices in all the animal origin yarns.